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Travertine Zena

Travertine Zena.jpg

Travertine Zena at House of the Infinite by Alberto Campo Baeza in collaboration with Tomás Carranza, Javier Montero in Cádiz, Spain. Photography by Javier Callejas..jpg

“A beautiful stone which echoes timeless tranquility.”

Artesserae Elba Split

Artesserae Split .jpg

Artesserae Elba Split

“Imperfectly perfect. The variation in colour, shape and texture is what makes this so special.”

Agape Spoon XL Bathtub by Benedini Associati

Agape Spoon XL Bathtub

Agape Spoon XL Bathtub

“Curvaceous and welcoming. It’s a bathtub that encourages you to lay back and relax.”

Agape Bjhon 2 Basin by Angelo Mangiarotti

Agape Basins Bjhon 2 Freestanding Basin in white Cristalplant 3.jpg

Agape Basins Bjhon 2 Freestanding Christalplant.jpg

“Elegantly shaped and wonderfully smooth.”

Beton Concrete Porcelain

Artetech Beton White Concrete.jpg

Artetech Beton Beige.jpg

“A versatile porcelain with soft undulating character.”

New Volumes Hurlysi by Thomas Coward



“Simple, distinctive and statuesque.”