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Breccia Nera

Breccia Nera jess copy.jpg

Breccia Nera at Blade and Barrel Barber Shop, Sydney by Habitat Housing. Installed by Geologic Stone - 08 2.jpg

“If vivid is good, this is better. Nature wins again.”

Fragmenta Ombrato Porcelain

Fragmenta Ombrato.jpg

Fragmenta Ombrato Flamed.jpg

“True through-body genius, like stone but clevererer.”

Agape Marsiglia Basin by Lucidi Pevere

Agape Marsiglia basin in white, Inax Yuki Border YKR-1 to walls and Polardur Brushed to floors


“Slim, sleek and shelfy, successfully simple.”

Agape In-Out Bathtub by Benedini Associati

Agape In Out Marquina.jpg



“Cotto Manetti Terracotta Mosaics”:

Cotto Manetti Tumbled Listelli Terracotta Mosaics.jpg

Cotto Manetti Terracotta Tumbled Brick Mosaics.jpg

“Only the earth from Cotto can look this good.”

Agapecasa Tre 3 by Angelo Mangiarotti

AgapeCasa Tre 3 Chair natural copy.jpg


“The stunning three legged chair that can’t rock… just don’t lean back.”