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Zaragoza Honed.jpg

Zaragoza. Mayfield Avenue Residence by studiofour - 02.jpg

“Clean crisp white with beautiful gold veins. I love the warmth and the random pattern of the veins”

Agape Lariana Bath

Lariana Bathtub in white.jpg

Memory Floor Standing Bath Spout in Natural Brushed Brass.jpg

“It is the type of bath that the more you look at it the more you like the shape and the size.”

Inax Kaleido Glaze

Kaleido Glaze IM_50P1_KLG_12.jpg

Kaleido Glaze IM-20P1_KLG_1.jpg

“I love that every tile has a beautiful glaze”

Fiandre Fjord

GF Fjord White Natural.jpg

Inax Yuki Border + Fiandre Fjord.jpg

“You can use it indoors, outdoors floors walls, panels benchtops etc and you can order basins from the material”

Agape Dot Line

Dot Line in black.jpg

4146 (1).jpg

“Refined classic Italian design that is functional and stunning. Transforms any bathroom”

Agape Bjhon 1 Pedestal Basin

Agape Revolving Moon Mirror in Black

Agape Bjhon 1

“Mangarotti classic and very elegant in the Carrara”

Inax 2×1 Inch

3812 (2).jpg

2×1 Inch SU-2031 Hanten Glaze (Grid Join)

“I love the patten, the soft edges along paired with the rough texture. The Kakuzan (Hanten) glaze is a very special Japanese glaze”