Episode 1 — Natural Stone

Our experts answer some frequently asked questions about stone including what is natural stone, what are some of the strengths as an architectural surface and why it is a popular material used in Australia.


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Episode 2 — Porcelain Panels

Our experts answer some questions about our porcelain panels including the strengths of porcelain as an architectural surface and what makes Artedomus’ range of porcelain panels so technologically advanced.


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Episode 3 — Inax

Our experts answer some frequently asked questions about our range of Japanese ceramics; Inax. They explain the qualities that make Inax ceramics so unique and why there is nothing else like it in the market.


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Episode 4 — Agape

Our experts explain the history behind our Italian bathware brand, Agape and share what makes these products so unique and special and why they are more than traditional bathroom fixtures and fittings.


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Episode 5 — Elba™

Our experts discuss our favourite Elba stone and why it is one of a kind. They explain what sets our Elba apart from other inferior stones on the market and discuss the inaugural New Volumes™ collection made from Elba.


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Episode 6 — Architectural Ceramics

Our experts answer some frequently asked questions about our range of Japanese architectural ceramics by Inax. They explain the unique qualities and applications of architectural ceramics.


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Episode 7 — Natural vs Engineered Stone

In this video we explain the differences between natural stone and engineered stone, the common misconceptions between the two and the shortcomings of engineered and synthetic stone products.


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Episode 8 — About Artedomus

Our experts share some insights into the world of Artedomus. They share the history of Artedomus, what the future holds for us and what makes us and our vast range of products so unique in the industry.