Grigio Orsola Honed floor with Yohen Border YB102 mosaic wall and Agape Ottocento bath and basin with Memory illuminated mirror.jpg
Grigio Orsola Honed. Designed by Gray Puksand.jpg
Luxe Bay Apartment by EB Interiors. Styling by Maden Studio. Photography by Prue Ruscoe - 04.jpg

Stone Grigio Orsola

Grigio Orsola is sought after for its flexibility and versatility. It is not only beautiful but very strong and has neutral grey tones giving it slightly cloudy appearance with hints of mushroom coloured veining. This versatile stone is suitable for a range of applications including floors, walls and joinery in kitchens and bathrooms.

Full slabs may be viewed at a number of our warehouses across the country. Call us on 1300 278 336 to enquire and book an appointment.

Acid Etched
Slabs Available


For sizes, stock, lead times and pricing please contact us.


Grigio Orsola honed.jpg

Grigio Orsola Honed

Grigio Orsola Acid Etched.jpg

Grigio Orsola Acid Etched

Artesserae Grigio Orsola Brick

Artesserae Grigio Orsola Brick

Artesserae Grigio Orsola Chevron

Artesserae Grigio Orsola Chevron

Artesserae Grigio Orsola Square Small

Artesserae Grigio Orsola 32mm Square

Artesserae Grigio Orsola Square Large

Artesserae Grigio Orsola 100mm Square


Width Height Depth
Grigio Orsola 610mm 405mm 12mm
Artesserae Mosaics available in a variety of sizes
For information on current slab sizes, please call a showroom on 1300 278 336
Other special sizes and finishes may be available upon request


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