Flooring surfaces

Flooring needs to offer excellent performance and durability, particularly in high-traffic areas. It can also be subtle or a stand-out design feature. Artedomus is an expert in surfaces for flooring, with a striking and comprehensive collection of stone, porcelain tiles, porcelain panels and terracotta tiles for indoor and outdoor floors and stairs.


Natural stone

Elba Honed.jpg

Elba Honed

Teragio Honed - 01.jpg

Teragio Honed


Travertine Litzio Veincut Honed and Unfilled

Rocca Bianca Honed.jpg

Rocca Bianca Honed

Grigio Orsola honed.jpg

Grigio Orsola Honed

Buxeuil Honed.jpg

Buxeuil Honed

Bedonia Honed.jpg

Bedonia Honed

Stone is a time-tested material in design, having paved the way for enduring architectural projects for centuries. Natural stone is ideal for flooring because of its hardness, durability and intrinsic value. Quartzites, granites and travertines are a great choice for indoor and outdoor flooring and stairs as they are incredibly hard and resistant. They are hard to crack or scratch; easy to clean; and will remain-stain resistant with proper maintenance and care.

Of course, natural stone is beautiful too, and no two slabs are ever the same. Artedomus goes to great lengths to unearth the most beautiful stones from around the world and introduce them exclusively to the market. Elba is a hero of Artedomus’ natural stone range. Coveted for its cool grey tones with soft brown markings, Elba is a beautiful, hardwearing stone that continues to prove its versatility, longevity and performance.

Elba Honed to bathroom floor and walls. Scalpellino House by Biasol

Elba Honed to bathroom floor and walls with Agape Sen tapware and accessories. Scalpellino House by Biasol. Photography by Timothy Kaye⁠ ⁠⠀

Teragio Anticated .jpg

Teragio Anticated

Teragio has also been carefully selected for its visually distinctive veining and high strength properties. It has a structured antiqued finish and can be used indoors and outdoors, particularly great around pools.

Porcelain Panels

Maximum Marmi Calacatta Variation D.jpg

Maximum Calacatta Variation D (6mm & 12mm)

Maximum Marmi Statuario Variation A.jpg

Maximum Statuario Variation A (6mm & 12mm)

Maximum Pietra Grey.jpg

Maximum Pietra Grey

Royal Platinum.jpg

Royal Platinum

Artetech Beton Rope Concrete.jpg

Artetech Beton Rope

Urban White 150x320 12mm (2).jpg

Urban White 12mm

Porcelain is an incredibly durable material for flooring and stairs as it has no porosity. Porcelain can offer the look of marble, or a sleek, elegant and simple finish. Used inside and outside it creates seamless spaces for indoor/outdoor living, and large-format panels minimise the joins to instil a more expansive sense of space.

Artedomus’ Porcelain Panels offer unparalleled strength and natural aesthetics, providing a beautiful, practical and versatile solution for floors and stairs. Porcelain Panels are an all-natural surface made the same way nature makes stone. Clay, sand, quartz and feldspar are crushed into a fine powder that’s mixed and pressed together and heated at 1,250 degrees Celsius to consolidate it into one mass.

This process makes the porcelain exceptionally strong while also being lightweight, and the super strength means the panels can be produced in large formats without sacrificing performance. This strength also makes them durable and long lasting, retaining their looks like the day they were installed. The Porcelain Panels don’t need to be sealed and they are highly resistant to scratching, etching and staining. They are also non-combustible, and the colour is UV stable, so it won’t fade in direct sunlight.

Graphic House by Shaun Lockyer Architects

MAXIMUM Michelangelo walls and MAXIMUM Moon floor with Agape Normal Bath and Agape Sen Tapware and Accessories. Graphic House by Shaun Lockyer Architects

 MAXIMUM Michelangelo Matt bathroom floors and walls. Project by Sketch Building Design.

MAXIMUM Michelangelo Matt bathroom floors and walls. Project by Sketch Building Design.

MAXIMUM Porcelain Panels offer endless design opportunities with new colours and patterns regularly introduced. Two of the latest designs include Blue de Savoie and Apuano. Blue de Savoie has a grey background with almost blue-like shading, and white and pale grey veining. Apuano has a white background interspersed with the lightest grey veins that fade into shaded areas. Ideal for flooring, the marble whiteness catches the eye and brings light and airiness to spaces.

Porcelain tiles


Veneziano Seminato Candido

Fiandre Core Shade Cloudy Natural.jpg

Core Shade Cloudy Natural

GF Fjord White Natural.jpg

Fjord White Natural

Loft Sand.jpg

Loft Sand

Fiandre Urban Grey 15075.jpg

Urban Grey

Artegres Beton Ice Natural.jpg

Artegres Beton Ice Natural

Unique Native beton smart-fix with Stainless Steel Bolts.jpg

Unique Native beton smart-fix with Stainless Steel Bolts

Antilia 06 150x75mm.jpg

Antilia 06

Porcelain tiles, particularly full-body tiles, offer another highly durable and beautiful surface for flooring, particularly in high-traffic areas. Full-body tiles have a uniform composition with the colour and pattern running through the depth of the tile. This means the colour and pattern won’t wear away, as it would with a printed or coated tile, and it allows the edges of the tile to be exposed, creating neat and uniform detailing on stairs.

Full-body tiles also have higher slip resistance and impact resistance compared to other porcelain tiles, and any surface scratches and chips that do occur are less noticeable because of the uniformity of the tile.

Fragmenta Luminoso living room floor.jpg

Fragmenta Luminoso Natural living room floor

Inax Yuki Border + Fiandre Fjord.jpg

Inax Yuki Border YKR1 mosaic walls with Fiandre Fjord White floor. Challis Avenue Apartment designed by Retallack Thompson. Photography by Katherine Lu.

Fiandre’s Veneziano collection of full-body tiles that are both classic and contemporary. Paying tribute to the Renaissance palaces of Venice, the collection includes six colours with a natural, speckled composition. Using one colour will create a seamless surface, or a combination of colours can be used for a modern and eye-catching flooring.

Terracotta tiles

Cotto Manetti Naturale.jpg

Cotto Manetti Naturale

Cotto Manetti Arrotato Da Crudo.jpg

Cotto Manetti Arrotato Da Crudo

Cotto Manetti Terracotta Tumbled Square Mosaics 20x20mm.jpg

Cotto Manetti Terracotta Tumbled Square Mosaics 20×20mm shown here

Cotto Manetti Terre Colorate.jpg

Cotto Manetti Terre Colorate

Cotto Manetti Satinato Sannini.jpg

Cotto Manetti Satinato Sannini

Like natural stone, terracotta has proven to be a timeless and versatile material for flooring, used in architecture and design for centuries. There has been a significant resurgence in the use of terracotta, as the beautiful and timeless surface can be used in traditional and modern and interesting ways.

Cotto Manetti is world-renowned for its terracotta tiles, which can be used for interior and exterior flooring. They are versatile, sustainable and naturally hardwearing, and produced in variety of colours, from the familiar burnt-orange to more unique and unexpected hues, such as earthy bronze-beige, chocolatey black and rich, dark brown.


Cotto Manetti terracotta in Naturale


Terre Colorate handmade terracotta tiles at Casamorelli, Radda in Chianti, Italy.
Design by Holzrausch Studio. Photography by Oliver Jaist. Note: Terre Colorate has had Geal colour enhancer applied

Located in Ferrone, Italy, Cotto Manetti’s terracotta tiles are produced in strict compliance with the ancient traditions of Impruneta. The clay in Impruneta is rich in iron and extremely malleable and elastic, and Cotto Manetti processes it to produce the densest terracotta in the world. The tiles are exceptionally robust, making them suitable for interior floors and exterior paving and creating seamlessness between spaces. The contemporary colour range is complementary to both interior styles and exterior settings of a home and brings a sense of the outdoors inside.

INAX Japanese Ceramics

Sugie Series SU2031 Hanten.jpg

Sugie Series SU2031 Hanten

Inax Fabe Re FAB2 105N.jpg

Fabe Re FABN 105N

Inax Reitz Nicho 227x60 YT-2 FL11 S178N-1025M_light colour (white) - 11.jpg

Reitz Nicho


Patino PTI-2360/4

INAX offers a broad range of handmade mosaics and tiles for flooring to suit any interior style. The collection is sculptural, textural and colourful, and the unique quality of the glaze and colour sets the tiles apart from other products on the market. They are perfect for creating geometric pattern and soft colour variation on floor, and the long, slow baking process makes them exceptionally hardwearing.

Inax Fabe Re -01.jpg

Flooring needs to stand the test of time and show deliver many years of durability, beauty and performance. Artedomus experts are available to speak to and give advice on flooring solutions at showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth.